Find the worst offenders

Find the worst offenders

Battery life is such a concern that Apple and Google have built monitoring tools right into iOS and Android, enabling you to check which apps are using up most of the power. From the Settings app in iOS or Android, tap Battery. You can then see which apps have used up most juice since your phone was last fully charged.

Once you’ve got a list of the worst offenders, then you have a few options. You can completely uninstall the troublesome apps and enjoy the subsequent battery savings, or you can dive into the settings for those apps and try to reduce their battery usage: maybe stop them checking for new updates as often, for example. Remember, you can still access sites like Facebook and Twitter through a mobile browser if you don’t have the apps installed.

Location pinging can use up a lot of battery power, 充值 depending on how apps use it, and this may be an option you can turn off or at least limit in some of the apps on your phone. Go to Location in Settings on Android, or Privacy and Location Services in Settings on iOS, to adjust these options manually on an app-by-app basis.

There is an additional tweak you can make that stops apps running in the background. In other words, they’re only allowed to make connections to the web when they’re actually open on screen, which might save you some battery life. On iOS, the option is under General and Background App Refresh in Settings; on Android, head to Settings then Apps, tap on an individual app, and then choose Data usage.

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