I only care about the wheels look good

I only care about the wheels look good

How do I know how to choose the rims?

The largest category of people who wants to change their wheels to a car is interested only in what the car looks like. Touching the opposite? Do not touch. Touching something on the rear wheel if I put 3 people on the bench? Do not touch. All right, I took them!

Wheels are perhaps the most changed element of a car, custom wheels, being also the most impact-proof exterior styling accessory. So it’s no surprise that rims are the most important tuning element of a car. But unfortunately, more and more people choose their wheels with their eyes, not with their minds. That is, the wheels are chosen according to appearance and not necessarily functionality. But how can we choose the rims for our car best?

I think the wheels can fit into two major categories: OEM (original) and aftermarket. Obviously, each of these two categories has its subcategories, depending on purpose and price. More specifically, there are OEM rims of very good quality, durable, obviously, a little more expensive, performance rims, competition, the most expensive, but also lower quality rims, designed for low-cost cars, which have a lower price. But the big offer and the widest variation is in the aftermarket segment. Established companies, such as the OZ, make rims for the highest level of motorsport, made of ultra-light alloy, but which cost a lot. There are also wheels for the medium segment, but also cheap all-wheel for any pocket.

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