Insurance and deposits of a rented car

Insurance and deposits of a rented car

When you find the desired car, you need to look at what the rental package contains. In general, it contains CDW mandatory insurance, as a kind of RCA, but it does not cover all possible risks – damage or theft of tires and mirrors. It also includes only some damage to passengers.

This is where the franchise is generated, which will be reflected in the store that the dealer will ask you to rent. But if you want to get rid of any headaches and pay no franchise, or spend your holiday on unpleasant expenses and problems, then end a full cover, a kind of CASCO.

There’s a little trick here. If you rent through one of the booking auto sites, it will also offer you a kind of extraction, but it will guarantee the return of the deposit as a guarantee, which will be returned to you at any time within maximum 30 working days. It usually does not last so long, the deposit is immediately unlocked. Only direct car rental companies will offer you full coverage insurance on the internet or when you get to the airport to pick up your car.

The cost of insurance is significantly lower on the internet than in the airport. If you decide to terminate this insurance, and I advise you wholeheartedly to do it even if the insurance can cost as much as renting, then the franchise deposit will no longer be stuck on your credit card and you will be quiet whatever you will happen.

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