Some knowledge about responsible lending

Some knowledge about responsible lending

It is important and you need to have some knowledge about responsible lending. In this regard, we recommend that before choosing a Fast Loans, consider whether the reason for wanting a certain amount of money is indeed justified. Many people resort to large loans, covering them with difficulty.

At a mere analysis, the needs for which the requests were made were not so urgent. It is important to understand the existing lending financial instruments on the market, the benefits and, above all, to take into account whether they really meet the needs of those who want to obtain a credit. Further, other issues that need to be considered are: the time spent on requesting and approving the credit or the financial possibility of returning the money.

That is why we encourage responsible lending only for small and urgent financial needs by asking for a low credit as the amount of money in relation to the monthly earnings of each applicant.

For financial emergencies, you can take into account the urgent loan without costs, your personal needs loan, or your credit, Credit Hub Capital Singapore, until you receive the salary.

When was the last time you took a credit and how much did you take into account responsible lending?

The answer to this question must be given by everyone in his or her own right and calculating the income well in order for a credited person not to become a burden.

A bank in Singapore is suspending the loans

A bank in Singapore is suspending the loans

United Overseas Bank of Singapore suspends property loans in London.

United Overseas Bank (UOB) in Singapore became the first bank in this city-state to suspend lending programs for its properties in London amid the uncertainties caused by the vote for Britain’s outbreak in the EU (Brexit).

Since Thursday’s vote on the issue has sparked turmoil in the financial markets and led to a significant depreciation of the pound, private money lender singapore, and other Singapore banks are advising their clients about the risks of losses caused by British currency depreciation. “We will temporarily stop accepting loan applications for the acquisition of property in London.

Given the uncertainties surrounding the UK referendum, we need to make sure our customers are cautious about their investment on the London real estate market, “a spokesman for UOB, the third-largest creditor in Singapore, said.

Since the referendum, the Singapore dollar has appreciated 10% against the British pound, affecting the value of assets held in the United Kingdom. Singapore’s banks also face risks related to the slowdown in Asia’s economy and rising non-performing loans in the energy sector.

The 2015 UOB results show that over 90% of the loans were granted to customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and China. Analysts warn that, following the referendum, it could slow sales of property in the UK to Asia because customers have become more cautious.